We all know Nikeʼs famous slogan “Just do it.” After recently watching one of my sonʼs soccer games Iʼve coined my own phrase, “JUST KICK IT!” And hereʼs why…

My 11 year old son Sage was right in front of the goal with the ball. Parents on the sideline were yelling, “Sage just kick it!” Instead of taking the shot, he kicked the ball to his teammate who wasnʼt in nearly as good of a position.

On the ride home my husband asked him why he didnʼt take the shot? He rattled off, “well my angle wasnʼt right, my teammates werenʼt lined up right and I didnʼt have my balance.”

I couldnʼt help but smile. I was doing the same thing but with marketing my coaching business. My technical support wasnʼt ʻlined upʼ, my marketing message wasnʼt ʻquite right.ʼ As a result I wasnʼt moving forward on any of it.

Former hockey great, Wayne Gretzky said, “You miss 100% of the shots you donʼt take.” We know this is true. So why donʼt we take more shots? Are we afraid to fail? Do we think weʼre not good enough?

Whatever the reason, what I find helps is getting friendly with myself, especially the parts that harbor familiar thoughts such as: “I need to get into shape before I can feel good in my clothes. I need to have a website before I can attract clients. Or in my case, I need to attend more coach-related courses before I feel confident enough to make myself more visible in the world as a life coach.”

Donʼt get me wrong, acquiring learning and wanting to do your best is a great thing. But when you find itʼs never enough and these excuses lead to paralysis thatʼs not a good thing.

Think of one thing you feel needs to be different in order for you to enjoy this moment or succeed at something. Close your eyes and sense into your body. Say hello to that part of you, acknowledging it with all the warmth and kindness you can muster. Be with yourself as gently as you would be with a newborn baby, without needing to fix anything or problem solve. What happens?

I find itʼs an incredible gift that I give myself when I can greet all parts of me with warmth and kindness. I open to the sweet perfection of the moment and to new possibilities and discoveries. Failing doesnʼt carry the weight as it once did and I begin to connect to a childlike enthusiasm and sense of curiosity.

When I manage to get to a place of childlike curiosity the thought that I should “JUST KICK IT,” sounds fun. And I realize “what really do I have to loose?”

What is it like becoming friendly with your ʻneeding to get it rightʼ? Whatʼs it like for you? Please share your comments!