"See the little girl in this photo? That's me on one of my first river trips with my family!"

I am a lover of “inner” and “outer” adventures.
Every summer growing up I went on river rafting trips with my seven siblings, parents and cousins on the west coast and Canada. As the youngest of 8 children my parents often fudged my age so that I could come along.

Being on the river was one of my fondest memories as a child because it got me outdoors in nature with my family on thrilling adventures. But there was more. By the end of our week-long excursions inevitably I felt different inside. I was too young to voice it at the time. But now I can say the river helped me deepen my connection to myself in a way that I really needed and longed for.

Little did I know that someday I would return to the river as a life coach and “river guide” to small groups of women. But I suspect it was in the works when one night on the river my parents wanted to know where I was—where they ended up finding me was sitting by a campfire next to an elderly couple listening to them tell their life story. I was seven years old.

Why I became a life coach?
Since I was a young child, I felt a deep longing to share my gifts with the world in a way that made a difference in peopleʼs lives. For a long time I listened for what that might be.

Over the years Iʼve been the person many of my family and friends turn to when they need someone to share their stories and struggles with and someone they could confide in easily. I love sharing meaningful conversation with others, just being ourselves, in a space of warmth and kindness. It has been my experience, it is in these types of loving spaces that transformations can occur.

Once my children got a little older I came across life coaching and began researching it. It didnʼt take me long to figure out that thatʼs what I wanted to do. I really had been doing it all my life. Now I could make it my career!

Who I love to work with
Are you a women who is ready to share with the world what youʼre passionate about but have put it off because you donʼt think you have what it takes?

Perhaps youʼre tired of giving your power away to others and compromising your beliefs and values.

Maybe youʼre ready to stand for who you are and want to share your ʻgood stuffʼ with the world but are tired of facing the same fears over and over again.

Maybe you have forgotten who you are and where theyʼre going because youʼve gotten caught up in the daily details, drawn in so many directions like a tumbleweed that has lost its rootedness.

I work with women who are ready to make a positive, authentic changes in these directions.

My Background
I specialize in working with women on rivers in the Pacific Northwest. My passion is guiding women on transformational adventure retreats and creating environments for conscious unfolding to occur. I have rafted many of the major rivers in the West Coast and in B.C. Canada.

I was trained by master coach, best-selling author and O magazine columnist Martha Beck. I have trained and apprenticed with master life coach, naturalist and tracker Michael Trotta, at Sagefire Institute, in the art of “natural coaching,” which incorporates the wisdom of nature and native cultures into the coaching experience. I am currently completing my studies with Russell Delman in his Embodied Life Mentorship program. To fulfill my love for poetry, I have also studied with Kim Rosen who teaches the art of speaking and learning poetry by heart.

Iʼve practiced massage, managed my familyʼs wine businessʼs corporate communications department, owned and operated a holistic health center in Mt. Shasta and studied the art of Aikido for 10 years.

My first love is my husband and three beautiful children. We love living and playing in the great outdoors of Central Oregon!