"Connect To The River of Your Life Retreat 2012"

Connecting to the river of your life retreat was a very awakening experience for me. I felt more balanced and in the moment. This retreat really got my internal energy moving, the flow of the river really centered my well being. I feel so much more self aware and what I need to do to fulfill myself! Anne has an amazing way of coaching with kindness and respect!

—J. Ellison, Bend OR

The Connect to the River of Your Life retreat was a complete body-mind-environment experience. I love how Anne gracefully guided us through each day, presenting and leading us through one interesting, thought-provoking activity after another – with plenty of time set aside for meaningful reflection.

I felt my inhibitions melt away as each of us dove fully into the weekend. We shared our experiences and insights, speaking from the heart – all the while, being serenaded continually by the river. From soaking in moonlit, steaming hot springs to dancing around a fire under the stars, we laughed, we tried new things, we rafted the river, we shared scrumptious meals, and we appreciated each other. I felt completely taken care of, fully present in every moment, and safe. I loved it all.

I left the McKenzie River feeling clear minded, refreshed and eager to re-enter my hectic world with a sharpened awareness of the precious gifts in my life. I stood at the banks of a river each day for the following nine days, reflecting upon the retreat experience. When I see Anne now, I feel a lightness wash over me, as if my soul has been reminded of being at ease.

—D. Paine, Bend OR

“As a recent college graduate, I was unsure of my next steps and needed help transitioning into the real world. Anne helped me to this effortlessly and smoothly. I have a better vision of the direction in my life and a clearer understanding of myself. She helped me find the answers within myself.”